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April 2, 2016

Most people feel that they can easily identify hyperactivity which they usually associated with ADHD(Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Even there, someone may not be very hyperactive but be incredibly impulsive both mentally and behaviorally and that’s technically still ADHD of the Hyperactive Presentation.  BUT, it’s the inattentive or concentration problems that people often miss and don’t realize is part of this disorder. For decades it’s been known as ADD(Attention Deficit Disorder) and because the professional community keeps changing the diagnostic level it becomes confusing. Signs that you may have problems here are that reading is very difficult even though you know and understand most words. You may get distracted easily. You may notice that it’s hard this day focused. At the same time there’s a lot of different situations that can cause this. And that’s why it’s important to see a professional who thoroughly investigates why you’re having these symptoms because it may not be ADD at all. There are sleep disorders, metabolic problems and other mental health disorders that can lead to concentration and impulsivity problems. It’s important to get this checked out. Many people are afraid to get this evaluated because they think that the doctors immediately going to put them on “drugs.” But don’t get diagnosing–understanding what you have and why you have it–confused with treatment—how you correct the problem. It’s important to get this first step resolved. There are many options for treatment depending on what the cause of your attention, concentration, and/or impulsivity problems are. If it’s because of a sleep disorder correcting the sleep disorder may solve the whole problem. If your attention and concentration problem is relatively minor there may be cognitive and behavioral ways to correct it. Sometimes medication is a good option to consider but you don’t have to use medication just because you have a diagnosis.

So IF any of the following symptoms sound like you:

— trouble focusing your attention for 10 minutes or longer

— difficulty reading for long periods of time

— having to reread frequently to gain comprehension

— being easily distracted

— trouble finishing tasks

— frequently having to ask people to repeat themselves

— impulsive but not hyperactive

THEN you may want to call for an evaluation to resolve your concerns.

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