Job offers by our Parent Organization VPS

March 10, 2017

Valley Psychological Services, a collaborative psychology practice is seeking therapists (LPC’s, LMFT’s, and LCSW’s) who are already Medicaid providers to join an expanding practice either fulltime or part time.  If you are seeking  post-doctoral training, are a Licensed Psychological Associate, a Provisionally Licensed Psychologist, or an Licensed Psychologist who has or has yet to get a Medicare and or Medicaid number who is interested in full or part-time work please contact us.  Call 956-682-0385 and ask for Dr. McCoy or fax your Vitae to 956-682-0388.

Supporting our Parent Organization VPS

January 19, 2017

Thanks for all who support the services we provide at Valley Psychological Services, P.C.  Please share this with your friends, family and providers if you truly appreciate the services we provide.


Ethical Electronic Compliance 2016

November 10, 2016

For those who attended TPA Conference Session on this topic below are the materials promised.  They will remain posted until January 1st 2017:





April 2, 2016

Most people feel that they can easily identify hyperactivity which they usually associated with ADHD(Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Even there, someone may not be very hyperactive but be incredibly impulsive both mentally and behaviorally and that’s technically still ADHD of the Hyperactive Presentation.  BUT, it’s the inattentive or concentration problems that people often miss and don’t realize is part of this disorder. For decades it’s been known as ADD(Attention Deficit Disorder) and because the professional community keeps changing the diagnostic level it becomes confusing. Signs that you may have problems here are that reading is very difficult even though you know and understand most words. You may get distracted easily. You may notice that it’s hard this day focused. At the same time there’s a lot of different situations that can cause this. And that’s why it’s important to see a professional who thoroughly investigates why you’re having these symptoms because it may not be ADD at all. There are sleep disorders, metabolic problems and other mental health disorders that can lead to concentration and impulsivity problems. It’s important to get this checked out. Many people are afraid to get this evaluated because they think that the doctors immediately going to put them on “drugs.” But don’t get diagnosing–understanding what you have and why you have it–confused with treatment—how you correct the problem. It’s important to get this first step resolved. There are many options for treatment depending on what the cause of your attention, concentration, and/or impulsivity problems are. If it’s because of a sleep disorder correcting the sleep disorder may solve the whole problem. If your attention and concentration problem is relatively minor there may be cognitive and behavioral ways to correct it. Sometimes medication is a good option to consider but you don’t have to use medication just because you have a diagnosis.

So IF any of the following symptoms sound like you:

— trouble focusing your attention for 10 minutes or longer

— difficulty reading for long periods of time

— having to reread frequently to gain comprehension

— being easily distracted

— trouble finishing tasks

— frequently having to ask people to repeat themselves

— impulsive but not hyperactive

THEN you may want to call for an evaluation to resolve your concerns.

Call 956-682-0385 and ask for an appointment today.

Relief from Anxiety, Traumatic Stress, Chronic Pain!!! !!!

March 28, 2016

There is no panacea for chronic pain. Many things can help. Mindset matters. I found a blog by a lady who has a “glass is half-full” mindset named Sue Falkner-Wood. There are tools that are helpful such as relaxation techniques. Having someone direct you on how to appropriately use those techniques can be helpful. I’ve produced a CD/audio that can be helpful as part of a comprehensive management plan. Here’s the story of one patient:

Again, many of my patients have found it helpful to use these techniques in conjunction with other pain management treatment. I thought the first patient with chronic pain that I taught this technique to found this very unhelpful, and she discharged herself from the hospital and went home resigned to live the rest of her life in her wheelchair.

A couple of months later I saw her in the outpatient physical therapy department walking with a cane. She came over to me and thanked me for making the audio (CD or MP3). I asked her what had happened. She stated that [b]she decided[/b] to not just sit in her wheelchair in pain any more. Then she used the audio and pain management tips to help her get through physical therapy and to walk again. Yes her foot was still in great pain, but she had learned how to manage the pain and not need as much medication to cope with the pain as she became more functional in her day-to-day life.

At you can learn about these resources. Similar sites on the internet for professionally guided mp3 downloads start at $9.50 or more. [b]Remember you get it for $3.99!!![/b]

This is the every day low price for both downloads for anxiety reduction and pain management. If you have chronic pain and anxiety you need only buy “Outsmarting Pain.”



If you love CD’s and find MP3’s too intimidating you can now get them through CDBaby for only $10.50 lower than average price of $16.95 at:



Dr. McCoy

P.S. More info at Anxiety/Pain Management Blog

Resources for ASD presentation presented at TPA 2013 and ACES3 2015

May 19, 2015


Autism Now What

Autism Now What-spanish




Autism Resources

AUTISM in Generalist Practice by JMccoy2013forTPA-PDF

Reflection Behavior Map worksheetSpanEng

social thinking template ENG SPAN

meeting new person

How big is your problem scale: QUE TAN GRANDE ES EL PROBLEMA-EnglishSpanish (2)

Thanks for attending and for your patience.  Dr. Joseph McCoy

Understanding the DSM5: Changes and Clinical Considerations

December 19, 2014

Understanding the DSM5: Changes and Clinical Considerations

Presented by VPS Productions

Understanding the DSM5: Changes and Clinical Considerations
Presented by VPS Productions

get resources here:




a guide to dsm5

help us with future workshops by filling out this survey:


Dr. McCoy


November 17, 2014

For my kind colleagues who attended this workshop at TPA here are the slides.  They will be available for 30 days.  After that you will have to request them via e-mail.  Any comments, suggests or requests may also be sent to

Here are the slides:

Ethics and Electronics 2014 TPA-Nov15forSharing


Joseph H. McCoy, Ph.D.


September 23, 2014

National Alliance on Mental Illness

Free Public Event

September 23, 2014

6:30 pm

Renaissance Behavioral Hospital

 Dr. McCoy Discussing:

Full Recovery Is Possible!

All questions welcome.

Come, share, and learn! for more information

Power Point from this Presentation:  Full Recovery Is Possible!

Visit Sheet for Provider:  What I want my provider to know

EMPLOYMENT!!! VPS is Looking for Clinicians and Front Office Staff!

October 23, 2013

We are currently looking for licensed independent mental health providers including LPC’s, Clinical Social Workers, Psychologists, Licensed Psychological Associates, Marriage and Family Therapists who need an office with billing, scheduling and staff support.  You can work full or part-time.  Compensation is competitive with similar practices in the region. For practitioners we are willing to help with provider with qualifying for loan reimbursement programs. Please call 956-682-0385 and ask for Letty Vivas (office manager) or Dr. Joseph McCoy to discuss the opportunities.

We also have an immediate need for a front office staff with the skills to handle complex scheduling, posting billing, working with electronic records, and helping to support a busy mental health services office. Please fax resume to  956-682-0388 attention Letty Vivas (office manager).


Dr. McCoy